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Loida Martel is a dedicated and customer-oriented licensed Funeral Director, a Certified Executor Advisor, and the Founder of Personal Affairs Consulting. As a passionate advocate for the community, she offers invaluable support, guidance, and information to individuals navigating critical matters.

With a distinguished career spanning close to two decades in the Funeral Service industry, Loida recognized a pressing need within her community. She observed individuals grappling with feelings of overwhelm, frustration, and confusion while navigating government application forms and documents. Many found themselves entangled in a web of phone calls to disparate government agencies and various professionals to obtain the correct information. Inspired by her experiences assisting numerous family members and friends, the vision for Personal Affairs Consulting was conceived—a dynamic organization positioned as a dependable resource for clients, providing assistance with diverse administrative tasks at reasonable rates.

We take pride in our extensive network of qualified professionals across various fields, readily available to serve our clients. This strategic alliance ensures that our clients have access to a spectrum of services, contributing to a comprehensive and seamless experience.

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