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Family and Social Worker
Estate Planning Services
Do you have your affairs in order?
We assist Testators in Estate Preparation. Meet with our Certified Executor Advisor for a consultation to ensure you are taking the correct steps to protect yourself, property, assets, final wishes, and family.
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Senior Services
Are you planning on retiring soon?
Let us help you complete the pension paperwork and inform you about the other various programs and benefits you may be eligible for due to your age and income.
Judge's Table
Estate Administration 
Have you lost a loved one? Did you know that there are benefits that you may be entitled to? Being an executor or someone's legal next of kin comes with great responsibilities. Let our experts assist you with this very tedious process of all government and personal notifications and cancellations that must be completed.
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Certification Services 

A Licensed Funeral Director member of our staff can certify documents for you.
Therapy Session
General Application Forms
A comprehensive list of the numerous types of application forms we can assist you with.
Wondering about our fees?
Contact us today to find out about our affordable pricing.

* Please note that in-home appointments are available within the GTA for an additional fee of $20 to cover transportation.

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