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Estate Planning Services

Did you know Executors may turn to, up to seventeen professions in the course of their duties? However, not one profession understands everything the others do to help and guide Executors, until now.


Certified Executor Advisors are experts in their own field but also have a broad practical knowledge of everything an Executor needs to know. They are uniquely equipped to steer Executors away from potential problems and toward the professionals they really need. CEA's will be versed in the duties of an Executor, management and liquidation of property and other type of assets, financial issues, pertinent tax matters and a broad range of knowledge of various other subjects.


For someone wanting to ensure their estates are well prepared, so as not to be a burden on their Executors, CEAs can offer a tremendous value.


Certified Executor Advisors can advise, guide them, and work hard to ensure a successful transition from generation to generation, helping to keep Canadian families happy, healthy, and harmonious.


Which will be your legacy?


Give us a call to book your personalized consultation with a Certified Executor Advisor:

  • Topics we cover (but not limited to):

    • Last Will & Testament

    • Power of Attorney

    • Funeral & cemetery arrangements

    • Planning for your retirement

    • Financial issues

    • Pertinent tax matters

    • Different types of benefits (Living Benefits/Health Benefits/Life Insurance etc.)

    • Probate

    • Management and liquidation of property and other types of assets

    • Digital Legacy Planning

  • You will receive personalized advice and guidance depending on your personal circumstances and situation

  • Discuss the pros, cons, and the legalities of various issues

  • Be provided with an information kit and tools to get started

  • Access to our network of professionals we can recommend and refer for additional assistance

Fee: $75 (1 hour consultation)

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