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Estate Administration Services

At Personal Affairs Consulting we understand the death of a loved one can be very devastating and can have a significant impact on our lives. As if the grief process was not difficult enough, dealing with the many duties and responsibilities as an Executor or Next of Kin can be very overwhelming to many of us. In order to assist you with this process we offer two different types of service packages, which can be further customized based on your personal needs. 


  • Consultation with a our Advisor

  • Notification made to Service Canada to stop payments

    • (i.e., CPP & OAS/GIS or to Cancel Employment Insurance) 

  • Completion of eligible government application forms:

    • Canada Pension Plan - Death Benefit

    • Canada Pension Plan - Survivor's Pension & Survivor's Children's Benefit

    • Allowance for the Survivor Program

  • If eligible, apply for International Death Benefits (* Please contact us for a comprehensive list of countries Canada deals with)

  • Completion of form - Appointing a legal representative for a deceased person (for CRA) 

  • Completion of form - Represent the Deceased Client for the Purpose of Issuing a T4A (for Service Canada)

  • Completion of all applicable government notifications and cancellations:

    • Notification to Canada Revenue Agency

    • Notification to Social Insurance Registration

    • Cancellation of Health Card

    • Cancellation of Driver’s License

    • Cancellation of Provincial Photo ID Card

    • Cancellation of Accessible Parking Permit

    • Cancellation of Canadian Passport

    • Cancellation of Nexxus boarder card

    • Citizen & Immigration:

      • Cancel Permanent Resident Status/Card or death of a sponsor 

  • Credit Bureau Notification (Equifax & Transunion)

  • Change of marital status with CRA for surviving spouse

  • Provided with an Estate Checklist for guidance on remaining items

  • All necessary postage, faxes and document certification included



 * This is in addition to what is already included in our Standard Services Package 


  • Apply for certified death certificates

  • Submitting Life Insurance Claims

  • Notification to Employer and claim of Company Benefits and/or Pensions

  • Notifications for pensions being received from a foreign country

  • Vehicle insurance transfer or cancellation 

  • Disposal of vehicle

  • Various government agencies such as:

    • Aboriginal Affairs & Northern Development Canada

    • Canadian Armed Forces

    • Veteran’s Affairs

  • Notify insurers of products and services

  • Notify alarm companies

  • Bill and Service providers (cancel or transfer):

    • Hydro, Cable, Internet, Phone, Water, etc.

  • Notifying landlord (if a rental property)

  • If deceased lived in a nursing home, long-term care, or retirement community, notify facility.

  • Notifying professional offices:

    • Doctor, Dentist, Optometrist, Dermatologist etc.

  • Cancellation of memberships/subscriptions/licenses

  • Cancellation or transfers of loyalty/rewards programs

  • Notification to charities

  • Assistance with digital assets

  • Assistance with Canada Post to re-route mail

  • Dormant bank account search

  • Notice to creditors

  • Access to our network of professionals you may require to assist you in the remaining Estate tasks.

Rates starting at $275.

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